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HUSH is born out of a shared love of beer, seasonal drinking, a passion for the wide variety of beer styles available and enjoying great times socialising over a beer.  Our goal is to bring a variety of great local beers to the Northwich area and to share our passion for beer.

Chris and Simon started HUSH after meeting at Northwich Home Brew Crew and becoming instant friends. Individually they both harboured dreams of starting a brewery and found that together they have been able to pursue this shared passion. 

We started brewing commercially in 2021 and have rapidly had to expand.

We aim to brew a fantastic range of traditional and modern beers. We love seasonality in beer and look to bring that out in our range.


There were loads of ideas for brewery names but we wanted something with a link to Cheshire.  This beautiful county has almost everything. It's accessible, close to major cities and full of fantastic countryside. The pride others take in their counties is an inspiration and we love where we live and were determined to look for a name that had a link.

We stumbled across a book from 1877, entitled "A Glossary Of Words Used In The Dialect Of Cheshire" by Lt Col Egerton Leigh, MP. In this book we found the inspiration for the name from the term "Hush Shop", meaning "an unlicensed house, where those who can be trusted can get ale or spirits". Loving the idea of a Cheshire 'speakeasy', HUSH BREWING CO. was born.

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