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How to move a brewery in your spare time

In September last year we had been brewing for six months. Me and Simon had been building the nano brew space for about six months before we began brewing and we both work full-time alongside HUSH. The routine of the nano was good, but while we were having fun, we were finding that we were working hard each weekend to brew only a small amount of beer. Because of the enthusiasm of all the people who were drinking our beers, we were often in the position of being asked about beers but having no stock.

Fortunately an opportunity we couldn't turn down came up. We have always dreamed of a bigger HUSH operation, so we were constantly on the lookout for units that could house a brewery. We saw Unit 4 come available and jumped at the opportunity to view it.

From the moment we walked in we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. Demand for this type of unit is massive, so we had a meeting that went along the lines of:

"Should we go for it?"
"Hell yeah."

So we did. We didn't expect to get it as we knew our business is not the most straightforward for a landlord to accommodate, but we were blown away when we were offered the lease.

Since then we've been doing our full-time jobs and, in between, taking a perfectly good unit and making a massive mess of it. Now we're on to the fun bit, putting it back together as a functioning brewery. Getting the floor finished has been a laborious task, but doing it right is important to us. Every extra hour we spend down there now feels like we're making real progress but we are so impatient to get the first batch on the go in the new kit. We can't wait to get fresh batches of Northwich Pale Ale and My Grain Is Earl out to you all this spring!

We're almost on the home straight so have a look at the progress pics below, keep watching for more updates on social media, keep in touch with us and, most importantly, #KeepItHUSH.

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