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HUSH - The First 6 Months

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

It's hard to think its only been six months since we released our first beers. There were a good six months of hard work before that getting our tiny brewing space ready. Before our first release on a rainy Thursday in the beer garden of The Salty Dog, we were so nervous. We'd been working towards that moment for longer than just the time to build the nano-brewery. Me and Simon have both separately, and then together, dreamed of opening a brewery. We knew what we wanted to achieve - to bring a great brewery into the Northwich community. We wanted to share some great beers with the town. We both wanted to do our best in this venture and were so nervous to share our first beers with our friends and town.

It turns out we had no need to be nervous. The feedback we had at the final QC session the night before release with some of the team at the Salty Dog blew us away. The release night was equally humbling for us. For so many people to come when indoor drinking wasn't allowed and it was pouring with rain was amazing.

Since that first night we've had so many more great nights. We've been blown away by the response to our beers, from the social media comments of people trying to see where they can get them to the speed they've sold out when new beers have been released. As a nano-brewery this has led to us having to brew much more in the first six months than we'd ever expected.

As we move into our second half-year we're focused on how we can maintain the levels we need to keep getting enough of the beers we already love (like Northwich Pale and My Grain) but make time to create some more varied beers. We're hoping to share more news on this soon.

In the meantime we just wanted to reflect and share our massive thanks to everyone who's supported us and drank our beers in our first six months. Special thanks as always to the guys at The Salty Dog for their feedback and support, and to Antony Poynton for his astounding artwork and putting up with us mithering him for images.

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